Seven days without sugar: day two

The following lightly edited article was originally published by the author on, June 9, 2016
Today is day two of my "Seven Days Without Sugar Challenge" and so far, it's about as hard as I thought it would be.
First, full disclosure - because I was unable to get to the store yesterday, I had to eat what I had on hand. I put cookies and candy far away, but unfortunately, that still left some sugary-filled items such as processed rice and chips. However, I did avoid cereal, didn't add powdered cream or sugar to my coffee, no sweets, and no bread.
My consumption yesterday included two packets of Justin's almond butter and an apple; air-popped popcorn in sea salt and oil, adding balsamic vinegar and olive oil to some of it; a banana; an orange; coffee with vanilla (the extract) and cinnamon as needed; plain Earl Grey tea; and then...a packet of red beans and rice, sugar in the package! My favorite can of Petit Pois peas - sugar included!!
I want to give myself a B for how I did during the day, but unfortunately, by nightfall I slipped and ate about 15 Pringles! HOW I FEEL: I feel a bit jittery and grumpy, as I imagined I would, but also hopeful.
I got a B- by my own harsh grading standards. How did you do?
Today I will shop and buy: a chicken breast or two, high quality tuna, lots of fruits and veggies, and tbd. Yes, I am craving nachos and vanilla ice cream and lattes! But I also feel like I'm climbing a mountain and breathing in the fresher air. Are you with me? Stay tuned.
Photo: The author with a big block of chocolate in Vienna, Austria, July 2007.
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