Seven days without sugar: day three

The following article by the author originally appeared on June 10, 2016
I want to cry right now - probably for no reason. I am aware, though, that this has as much to do with the sugar making its way from my bloodstream as it does a link to anything in particular (missing my family, my mentee's upcoming high school graduation, how much I miss Ho Hos...)
So here's where I stand. I'd give myself a solid A- for how well I'm doing off sugar.
I've switched from adding cream and Splenda or dried creamer and sugar to my coffee to going with some vanilla extract and/or cinnamon as needed. Sometimes I'll just drink it black. I've bought a new kind of meusli-ish cereal that doesn't have sugar; snacked on cashews; and rediscovered how much I love grapes.
But there are slips: feeling the need to finish the cans of Pringles I'd bought prior to starting "Seven Days", and then wondering if the balsamic vinegar-olive oil combo I was soaking air-popped sea salted popcorn in was all that copacetic. I also put a packet of mayo in with my boiled eggs, cheating a bit (sugar in mayo! Sugar in ketchup! Where does it end?)
Nevertheless, I've gone from eating cake, cookies, vanilla ice cream and fro yo to consuming four or five fruit and veggie servings each day.
HOW I FEEL: I do feel deprived, but not in the way I thought I would. What I miss most is bread, which I realized has sugar in it. I took a trip to the market and spoke to the baker, only to confirm this. I also feel a bit more irritable, but it's manageable. For example, I found that by telling several people I'm on the Seven Days Without Sugar Challenge, I have been comforted and hence, it's helped keep my moods level.
I absolutely do not plan to give up sugar forever, but if I make it to Tuesday at 11:59 p.m., I'll know I can give up my beloved beignets and cinnamon rolls.
I'm not in NOLA right now for Mardi Gras, but if I were, I would be both more tempted and more sated. More tempted due to all the yummy, fattening sugary foods; but sated because the Big Easy offers a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies and unique restaurants to quench any dieter's appetite.
For example, I have a hunch broiled asparagus with lemon and coarse ground pepper, with a splash of olive oil, would completely take my mind off my sweet tooth. I didn't weigh myself at the start of this, but I basically know my weight. I need to lose a good 16-20 pounds - maybe 14-18 now! I will let you know how much I lose!
Are you with me? Stay tuned!
Do write in the Comments or to me at to let me know how your own Challenge is working out
PHOTO: Ice cream sundaes at the top of the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka, Japan. Jan 18, 2009. By FlyingToaster at en.wikipedia.
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