A lavendar blast of luxury during troubled times

"A new waterless aromatherapy gadget that’s unlike any other diffuser on the market" was the promise.
Well, given that I have never tried any other aromatherapy gadgets, I can't substantiate that claim. However, I can attest that Guru Nanda, the maker of a line of 100% pure essential oils, has produced a very snazzy diffuser. Called The Guru Nanda Natural Mist Pluggy, it is the only USB powered plug-in essential oil diffuser on the market that uses 100% pure essential oils and no water, according to a statement.
It was easy to assemble. The kit came with a lavendar and a eucalyptus bottle of essential oil, as well as a handy clean white waterless diffuser that plugs into any socket. Simply unscrew the top and screw the perfume top to the diffuser, flip, and press either the blue or green button. Instructions on the box say, "When plugged in and then power button is pressed, unit will run for 8 hours then sleep for 16 hours."
So far I've been turning it off every hour or so. I am a fan of fresh air and getting used to lavendar is a change. That said, it reminds me of my late mother so I am warming to it. The lavendar is considered "relaxing, calming & sedating" while the eucalyptus is "clearing, opening & invigorating."
The company claims that it's "as simple as using a commercial air freshener, but easier, healthier and best of all, no chemicals. Just right into the wall, disseminating refreshing, natural and therapeutic mist into the air directly from the bottle, with no need for water." It is BPA-free, covers 100 square feet and mists for up to four weeks. A visual alert will let you now when the oil is running out of the 30 ml. bottle.
It retails for just $14.99 and also comes in peppermint and tea tree, and can be purchased online. The company also sells 24-packs of hand sanitizer spray for $144 - a coveted item during the current Covid-19 crisis.


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