Ho ho wow: eco-friendly holiday makeup removal

As a half Jew, half Christian, I was immediately intrigued when I received the promo from Take My Face Off. Also, it's a pretty cute name (and trust me, this time of year there are plenty of days when I'd love to take my crusty old winter face off.)
But I'm rather picky about how I remove my makeup. Traditionally I've favored petroleum jelly or Noxema with a tissue. My mother used to use cotton balls but I have found that those shed and then I have stringy cotton enmeshed in my foundation (ok, I rarely wear foundation). The thrust of Take My Face off's solutions is they are environmentally friendly by virtue of being washable, but also smooth to the face. No messy tears. Nothing in the waste bin.
Happy Hanukkah
Called The Mitty Mini Menorah Gift Set, the kit comes with (obviously) eight disposable washcloths shaped like flames, along with the cardboard menorah for placement. Pockets in the back mean they slip easily over the cardboard prongs or your fingers. The price is not for everyone, $66, but for your green-minded cousin Shirley it's a great alternative to throwaway options. Use the mitties to remove lipstick or even lash extensions. Remember to hand wash before every use.
Happy Christmas
The Mitty Mini Poinsettia Gift Set is cute when it arrives in the package - it looks like a poinsettia. But once the individual wipes are removed it's unlikely that you'll replace them into the flower shape. This is definitely more of a one-off gift than an everyday staple. There are little pockets in the back of the petals for your fingers as you wipe. The Mitty Mini petals are made of 100% Korean plush polyester*, like the Menorah flames, and are on a cardstock poinsettia tree ornament and bound together with a silver and sparkly snowflake lapel pin.
*Take my Face Off offers a variety of products made of long-lasting Korean plush.


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