Greener Cleaning in the New Year

I had the pleasure of trying several green products in 2019.
From eco-friendly make-up remover wipes to distilled spirits, plant-based sesame milk to a long-lasting totable LED flashlight. This isn't hard news, but it isn't fake news either. I shy away from writing about products in a way that implies an endorsement, but I also hate to call out products that don't meet my criteria: eco-friendly but pleasant smelling or tasting, in the case of food and cleaning products.
Let's be honest - cleaning solutions, for example, do have a long way to go. The mosquito repellent I raved about nonetheless has an odor that requires my keeping it in a special bag. I am still willing to sacrifice a little of the smell/taste comfort zone for lightening my footprint on the climate change scale.
One product that has really grown on me is Greenerways Organic chemical-free all-purpose cleaner. The company also makes what is billed as "a skin-soothing, kid and pet safe line of SPF" and bug repellent, wonder balm and hand sanitizer. All products are sold on Amazon, but what I like in particular about the cleaner is that it works great, and I feel comfortable spraying it in my cat's litter box. No nasty bleach products to annoy his sensitive senior senses. I also started to warm to its slight licorice smell, as one reviewer deemed it, on my bathroom surfaces. I have used it to clean up my cat's unexpected messes, spilt coffee and mud marks on the floor. I recommend it. Unfortunately, I don't recommend the wonder balm quite as much, but then I am picky about smells on my hands. I lean toward cinnamon or lavendar. But I do think it's effective and people who work with their hands, gardeners and construction workers, would probably love it.
However you celebrate the incoming new year, make sure your home is full of such products. The cleaner is certified as being USDA Organic, touts no sticky residues and dries quickly and claims to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The product, as all Greenerways products are, is safe for kids, pets and all household services; and is vegan, biodegradable and cruelty-free, meaning that it is NEVER tested on animals. I will clink my champagne flute to that! Happy New Year!
To purchase the cleaner and other Greenerways products, visit their pages on Amazon.


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