LEDing the Way with Bright Solutions this Halloween

LEDs are light-emitting diodes, a semiconductor light source that issues light when current flows through them. Battery life is much longer than with their counterparts, incandescent bulbs, creating a greener solution not only this Halloween but every day.
I was offered the opportunity to try out two LED products, and even though I have no Halloween-age kids, I immediately recognized the importance of reviewing the products. According to a Consumer Affairs report, pedestrians are far more likely to be hit by cars on All Hallows Eve than on any other night of the year. The author wrote: "The researchers found that the early evening hours -- between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. -- were the most dangerous times, and that Halloween night was responsible for four more pedestrian deaths than any other night of the year. Nearly all of the deaths were suffered by children or young adults."
In that vein, I'm happy to recommend both of these LED offerings this Halloween:
1. NanoTorch Twist:
This is an adorable, LED-powered super lightweight flashlight that will double as a great camping accessory after Halloween. I have never seen a light with a rotating swivel head (see above), and that's a fun addition. It sports aluminum casing, 50,000 hours of life in its rechargeable battery, magnetic tail cap (presumably to click onto those robot costumes) and pocket clip for hands-free use. It emits five light modes, that admittedly took me a minute to figure out. One must hold the light 5 seconds to turn it on and off, and it sports low, medium and high power, with blinking levels helpful in event of emergency. I like that it's kid-size and will snap on to any mermaid, Belle or Avengers costume.
The company says the Twist combined with the magnet "allows you to create a stationary light anywhere there is metal that's magnetic. So you can use the magnet and then point the light in which ever direction you want. This is great for work lights in dark places... like if your power is out of if you need to fix something in a part of your house that's not well lit. You can plant the light there and then use both hands rather then using one hand to hold the light." And the strobe mode with graduated setting can be used to help draw attention to oneself in an emergency. It's retailing for $59.95 online.
2. Tracer360 Visiblity Vest:
Created by a company called Noxgear founded by two engineers, this multi-color illuminated, reflective and fluorescent vest helps trick or treaters stay safe while out at night. The brightly lit, color-changing safety vest is "based on visual science", including knowing that our eyes are most sensitive to the color yellow just before and during dusk, not traffic cone orange, and once our eyes adapt to the dark they are most sensitive to the color green; a red blinking LED is less likely to be seen by our peripheral vision than green or blue; and florescent material actually converts invisible UV light into visible light. The vest, practically speaking, will allow adults and kids to stay highly visible to cars on the road up to a mile in any direction. There is even a pooch-friendly version! It is easy to put on, is just seven ounces and is rainproof. With a 40-hour battery life, you won't have to worry about the kiddos' vests going dark. It is currently on sale for $49.95 and they can rush mail it to you if you order today.
Click here more information on the Tracer360 vest.
For more information on NanoTorch Twist, visit GetKeySmart.
Images: Top, used with permission from GetKeySmart; bottom, used with permission from NanoTorch


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