Connecticut Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect Aug 1

I have been saying for years that our state claims to be green and blue yet its not so secret dirty habit is plastic bags. Plastic bags strewn all over the trees outside Stop 'n Shop. Plastic bags spilling out into the waterways. Plastic bags inevitably choking the life out of fish.
It is with great relief to note that our ban goes into effect this Thursday. Here's what you need to know: For the period starting August 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2021, each store including supermarkets and drug stores will charge a fee of ten cents for each single-use checkout bag provided to customers at the point of sale. But, the exciting part is that on and after July 1, 2021, no owner or operator of a store will be allowed to provide or sell a single-use checkout bag to a customer.
A "single-use checkout bag" means a plastic bag with a thickness of less than four mils (one-thousandth of an inch, or 0.001 inch) that is provided by a store to a customer at the point of sale. It does not include: 1) A bag provided to contain meat, seafood, loose produce or other unwrapped food items; (B) a newspaper bag; or (C) a laundry or dry cleaning bag.
Over the next two years the ban, established by Connecticut House Bill No 6313 and called "An Act Establishing a Tax on Single-Use Plastic and Paper Bags", will funnel funds collected from the sale of single-use plastic bags for environmental purposes. Stores such as Stop 'n Shop are shuttering plastic bags altogether on Thursday; in fact, Stop n' Shop is stepping up to the plate and offering one free recyclable bag per customer if one turns in one or more plastic bag(s) to be reused.
PHOTO: By MichaelisScientists - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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