PARA’KITO™ is a Neato way to Ward off Mosquitoes

I will admit, I find it laughable that we're worrying about mosquitoes in Connecticut. I spent seven months in South Texas and couldn't even venture outdoors to rake for 10 minutes without coming back looking like I had measles on my legs. Not just bites, but huge blotches.
That said, I am aware that we do have mosquitoes in the Northeast and I do not want any of those nasty bites, especially considering the risks attached to them (e.g. Zika virus).
Enter PARA’KITO™. That's a very fancy way to write the name of a product to keep bugs away, but I will indulge the company's creative team. I am told that it touts "a unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release technology and super-smart product design" and PARA’KITO™ products "offer the ultimate mosquito protection in a stylish way". Stylish, yes. For example, the wearable bands and clips are waterproof, easily adjustable and offer a slow release of mosquito-get-the-heck-away protection over 15 days.
The products are DEET free, containing
none of the nasty active ingredient in many insect repellant products.
PARA’KITO™ can be worn around the wrist or ankle, or hung on a backpack, belt or stroller. All products work in any climate, whether that is Alice,Texas or here in Branford, Connecticut. Each pellet, which gets tucked into the band very easily, provides up to 15 days of constant protection. Kids’ colorful bands come with a special ID label for name and contact details; while sports bands are made of Lycra and boast reflective material and an ID tag. The Party Edition bands come in Lycra and feature "fun, flirty designs" for stylish protection, say the PRs.
I wore my wristband for several hours today when I was hoofing it moving boxes. It's about 90 degrees today, very humid, and I'm surrounded by bugs. Yet I am, indeed, bite-free. Its scent may not be for everyone, but it is slightly more pleasant than anything less eco-friendy I could slather on my bod. I also was given a roll-on version to try, and this one I'll likely send it to my brother, who lives part of the year in a tent in Hawaii.
PARA’KITO™ is sold in more than 35 markets all over the world, including Amazon and Whole Foods, as well as on its website. Its products generally retail for just under twenty bucks.
All images, used with permission from Para'Kito.


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