Seven days without sugar: day six

The following article by the author originally appeared on, June 13, 2016
Today I was told I look thinner. This came an hour after I told a source, "If I sound grumpy, it's because I am giving up sugar for a week." He laughed.
The truth is, I'm amazed by how empowering it feels to get a handle on my sugar addiction. I've eaten more fruit in the past few days than I ate the entire previous three weeks. I just tasted some Raisin Nut Bran and it seemed too sweet for me.
I am feeling weak, though, and am not sure why this is. Perhaps, getting used to new eating habits I also need to become more educated. U.S. supermarkets chockful of processed foods are not on my hot list this week, and yet, this is what I can afford.
Thankfully, it's summer and I can get apples fairly cheaply. My beloved peaches are cheaper, and watermelon can be bought in smaller slices if I can't afford the whole fruit. People who are pinching pennies often find their waistlines expanding - after all, McDonald's and Burger King have their $1.00 specials.
This is not to pick on the burger chains. Thank God there are cheaper options out there, but as a nation, we have to get a grip when it comes to what we eat. If we eat a fast food meal, follow it up with a day of fruits, veggies, non-fat milk, nuts, and other healthful fare.
While farmer's markets are making their way into urban areas, and the food stamp program has been extended to include them, not enough low-income people have gotten the message. It's not uncommon to speak to sixty-year-old women who say they really don't like salads or even fruit, maybe just the occasional bowl of grapes.
HOW I FEEL: I am eager for the "Challenge" to be over. I know I've learned to adjust my eating habits, and unlike smoking, I don't have to give up sugar completely. It would be impossible anyway without the help of a nutritionist, a higher income, more options and frankly, more patience. If I am on deadline and the only thing in the house is a box of Raisin Bran, am I really going to wait till morning til I can go out and buy the sugarless meusli?
I intend to keep avoiding sugar through the next few months, and I plan to get down to my target weight. The real measure of success for me, though, will be that visit to the dentist when he turns to me and says: "Congratulations, Laurie. No cavities."
How are you doing on your Seven Days Without Sugar Challenge? Write in the comments or to me at Good luck! Photo: David Wiegler


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