Upcycled pet packages make nifty pet products

Upcycled pet food packages are being turned into dog collars - really. And not just because your little Fido gnawed the bag into something resembling a mangled plastic Frisbee (or perhaps that was an actual Frisbee?)
Thanks to Wellness Natural Pet Food – the first pet food brand to partner with recycler TerraCycle – pet owners can upcycle their pet’s food packaging into something new and useable, from collars to totes to, heck, even chairs.
Through the program, pet mommies and daddies can send their used Complete Health, TruFood, or CORE cat and dog food packaging to TerraCycle to have it shredded and melted into hard plastic. It's then remolded to make new products like the collar you see below. There are even dandy DIY projects to do at home, like collapsible pet bowls and doggy capes.
With plastic ending up in gyres, then choking fish and littering our oceans, end-of-use for plastics has never been a more pressing issue. Further, healthful pet food should always be first on every pet parent's list.
Wellness' company philosophy touts that "Food does more than just sustain us - food feeds our soul and protects our bodies. In our families, proper nutrition is the foundation of proper wellbeing for every one of us - including our pets."
While this examiner makes no endorsements for particular types of pet foods -- you must speak to your vet about that -- she will stand by the aforementioned philosophy, paws down.
This article was originally published in Examiner.com, May 31, 2016.
Images: Products made with Wellness TruFood packaging; used courtesy of Wellness Natural Pet Food


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